Swole Town Has Arrived: The Best Program For Size and Strength

swole town build muscle

It’s been a long time coming, but Swole Town is finally going live in January 2021. If Swole is your goal, you’ve found exactly what you’re looking for. A fully periodized, ongoing lifting program designed to get you as jacked as possible and keep the gains flowing.

Swole Town is born out of a combination of old school effort and modern training principles, and will only be available through the TrainHeroic App. The app is free and offers incredible value. Every training day is laid out a week in advance, with demo videos for every movement and clear explanations on what is expected.

And, all of your stats are tracked over time, allowing you to track your PR’s and training progress.

Get a free week of training and see for yourself

What is Swole Town?

Swole Town is a badass lifting program for those who want to get big and strong as hell. If you want traps and shoulders that scare people, you’ll fit right in. Want to have to buy bigger t-shirts? Come on down.

If you’re looking to train for a half marathon or a Spartan Race, it probably won’t work out so good.


program for size and strength

RAGE is the first cycle in Swole Town. Every 4 weeks begins a new cycle with a different focus and different training methods. RAGE is a high volume oriented cycle, with lots of supersets and metabolic stress-inducing training protocols. It’s a fun training block for sure, and one of my favorite ways to train.

When Will it Be Available?

As of right now, Swole Town is scheduled to go live on January 1st, 2021, with the first training day being Monday, January 4th. The cost will be $12/month through the TrainHeroic app. Considering a decent trainer would easily charge over $400/month for this much programming, it’s an incredible value.

I’d like to see you over in Swole Town.. Will you come take a tour?

If you’d like to get in early, email me at contact@supastrong.net

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