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Is Pre Workout Bad For You?

Pre workout supplements have come a long way since the first product, "Ultimate Orange," was formulated in 1982. Today, the pre workout market is a billion dollar industry, and it's only getting bigger. And it's no surprise. Products like Red Bull and other energy drinks have also become massively popular, displaying the need most of […]

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Can You Improve Performance and Fitness with Age?

Is Age a barrier to improving fitness and performance? What does Research say?

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How to Speed Up Workout Recovery: 10 Methods that Work

How to recover faster from your workouts. 10 Ways to speed up recovery to keep the gains flowing

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35 Badass Quotes With Pictures to Get You Motivated

30 badass Inspirational quotes to make you think and spark ACTION!

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Is HIIT Harmful? Can Too Much Hurt Your Health and Fitness?

Overreliance on HIIT could be doing more damage than you think

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10 Fitness Tips to Get Stronger and Improve Faster

10 new ways to take yourself to the next level of YOU

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Heart Rate Variability Can Improve Your Health and Fitness

HRV is the smoking gun when it comes to your fitness and health.

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20 Minute Workout #1 Build Muscle and Improve Conditioning

Simple, Effective, Fast, Brutal

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Do Training Masks Really Work?

What does research say about training/elevation masks?

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The Secret to Improving Fitness and Conditioning

Focus your training on your foundation

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