To bring you high quality workout, fitness and health information you can use to be a better version of yourself. This site is always a work in progress, and any way that I can improve the content you’re getting, you can be sure I’m going to do it.

About Me:

supastrong author

I spent a lot of years as a trainer, running boot camps and a personal training business on the side while my full time job in law enforcement took up the rest of my time.

I’ve been obsessed with working out and improving myself since I was a teenager. Now well into my 30’s with a family, I continue to train hard, to learn and to grow. My blog is a medium for me to express my passion and to relay knowledge and information I’ve gathered over the years; some of it the hard way.

My blog is also a way for me to grow as well. I learn something every time I write an article. This blog is something I’m passionate about, and I plan on keeping it around for a long time. So if you’d like to follow and grow with me, then welcome aboard!


  • US Army Infantryman. 11B
  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist; 2013-2015
  • Bioforce Certified Conditioning Coach (present)
  • 5 Years as Wellness Coordinator for a Fortune 500 Company
  • Federal Agent
  • Have competed in Jiu Jitsu, powerlifting, and several other sports/events
  • Husband, Father, Brother, Son, Friend

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