November 23, 2022

Tactical Alpha: Tactical Training Program Manual

If you're reading this, you have likely taken the challenge of beginning the Tactical Alpha 8 week Tactical Training program. This short manual is meant to assist you in performing the training properly and getting the most out of the program.

This programming has been used for Special Ops candidates, Infantry, Firefighters and high level LEO's with great success. You can be sure that if your effort is sincere, you will see big improvements.


Tactical Alpha is an 8 week Tactical Training program designed to make you a stronger, more powerful and better conditioned athlete.

It is a conjugate-oriented program, simply meaning that we rotate the big strength movements each week, and perform them heavy (1-3 reps). We also include max effort days (heavy), and dynamic days (speed/power) in classic conjugate fashion.

The reason for this is the essence of conjugate training.. we avoid burnout and endless repetition of the same exact movement, avoiding overuse injuries and continually challenging the body through similar but slightly different movement patterns.

The conjugate influence is present in a lot of areas of this program. We vary our conditioning but still target the same energy systems, building them up over 8 weeks.

The System: Tactical Athlete Pyramid

Tactical Alpha is designed around the needs of the modern Tactical Athlete.

tactical athlete pyramid

You must be good in all areas of fitness: Including:

  • Possess high level of limit strength (think 1 rep max). This is your foundation.
  • High level of power (ability to produce force fast.)
  • Speed: You have to be able to move quickly, and in all directions (agility)
  • Endurance: This includes strength-endurance and general endurance. If you can't stay in the fight, you're in trouble.

Great care has been taken to avoid training interference. Each training day will typically be dedicated to similar desired adaptations.


Evolutions are the "warm ups" of this program.

Evolutions are a series of movements that are meant to be done as a continuous circuit with very LIGHT weights.

For example, DB bench press, bent over DB rows and push ups, 3 sets of 25 reps each, done without taking any real rest.

It is critical here that you understand that you must go light. If you aim heavy, you will turn the warm up into a grind and negatively influence your session.

tactical bench press

Work Capacity

The Evolutions serve multiple purposes:

  • Increase Work Capacity: Hitting a ton of reps at a fast pace will serve as a mild form of conditioning and build work capacity: Your ability to handle and recover from more training.
  • Prep the body: By the end of the evolution, you should be warm, Heart rate should be up a bit, and you should be ready to push yourself in the main session.

TrainHeroic App Features

Tactical Alpha is delivered through the TrainHeroic app, the world's best training app.

Video demos and clear instructions are annotated for every segment of every session.

It is important to tap on each segment to read the detailed instructions and ensure you're performing the training properly.

This is NOT a beginner, cut and paste program. There are specific training methods at times, so it's important to train like an athlete and be detail-oriented.

Log Your Training

TrainHeroic gives you the ability to log all of your training. This allows you to track progress, and allows your coach (me) to see your performance and offer feedback if necessary.


The most important take-away here is:

  1. Perform Evolutions quickly and with light weight.
  2. Pay attention to details and read all instructions/videos
  3. Log your training and use the app for all it's worth.
  4. Have fortitude, push yourself, and be consistent.
  5. Reach out with any issues.

If you havn't already, come check out the best Tactical Training program out there, and take yourself to new levels.

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