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Upgrade Your Shoulder Workouts: Bigger, Stronger, Healthier Shoulders.

Take your Shoulder workouts to the next level

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SUPASTRONG: 11 Week Strength Program Guide. It's Time to Get Stronger.

SupaStrong is an 11 week strength program designed to make you stronger in all the big lifts. Since some "advanced" methods are used in this strength program, I've made this short guide on how to perform it for optimal results. We'll take a quick dive into the methods and rationale behind the program design, and […]

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Slow Down Your Reps, Speed up Your Gains: Build Muscle with Slow Eccentrics

Perhaps you've heard the expression: It's not what you do, but how you do it, that matters. Nowhere is this more true than in the gym. There are endless ways you can manipulate a single exercise to build muscle.. Isometric holds, cluster sets, partial reps, sets to failure and beyond.. slow eccentrics, etc etc ad […]

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How to Get Jacked With Swole Town

"Everyone wants to be a beast... Until it's time to do what beasts do. Swole Town is what beasts do. It's blood, sweat and tears with plenty of Gains to show for it. Specifically, it's a hypertrophy program designed to pack on slabs of muscle and have you training like a beast. For those who […]

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Build Muscle Faster with Tempo Training: 3 Methods + Full Workout

If you want to build muscle faster and put on some serious size, you have to train smarter. That means choosing the right methods to use in the gym. And when it comes to packing on slabs of muscle quickly, tempo training is at the top of the list. In the gym, it's often not […]

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Use Supported Rows for a Bigger, Stronger, Healthier Back.

Especially if you're training from the home gym setting, performing your back exercises from a supported position can have a ton of benefits. In this article I'll explain the benefits of using supported rows and include several supported row variations you can implement into your training to build a bigger, stronger and healthier back. Performing […]

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Training For the Tactical Athlete: Samples from The Tactical Alpha Program

As a tactical athlete, the stakes are high, and your level of fitness should be of the highest priority. For those entering an academy or basic training and wanting to excel, you'll need a well rounded base of fitness. For those that want to stand out and not just make it through, TACTICAL ALPHA is […]

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Build Muscle With Swole Town: Full Workout Sample

Swole Town is here, and if you're searching for workouts to build muscle, get stronger and/or just to be a beast in the gym.. you've come to the right place. Here's a full workout from the program and a link to try a free week to see if you want to join the community. What […]

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Swole Town Has Arrived: The Best Program For Size and Strength

Get bigger and stronger, faster with this badass lifting program

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What's the Best Creatine? Does it Really Work?

Creatine is an amazing supplement. I'd go as far as saying it's the single best performance enhancing supplement you can legally buy. It's well researched, safe and inexpensive. So how does it work, and which creatine is the best? I'm not going to pump you full of hard-to-understand science, so don't worry. I want you […]

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