December 30, 2021

Workout For Women: 8 Week Fitness Challenge

Looking for a workout for women? Look no further. Lean • Strong • Fit is an 8 week workout plan for females that will be your blueprint for a leaner, stronger, healthier body.

Born Out Of Demand

This program was created based on demand. I simply had many females asking for a program specifically designed for them, as most of my other programming was geared towards men.

At a fraction of the cost of even a single week with a personal trainer, this is the ideal choice for many females looking for a plan to transform their physiques and their overall fitness without the price tag of a trainer.

Having had a lot of success training female clients, I decided to create an 8 week program based on what I felt worked the best for the goals of most women in the gym.

In short, I know it works, because I've used it repeatedly and seen it work.

Workouts Specifically Designed for Women

Not only are women physiologically different than men, they also usually have different goals when it comes to fitness.

Most women aren't trying to bench press 300 pounds or get huge Biceps.

I'm not saying they Can't do those things.. I'm saying they usually don't want to.

Most women want a lean, toned, fit body, especially in the lower body and Glutes. A workout for women should reflect these goals.

This 8 week program features:

  • Extra emphasis on the lower body and Glutes (booty).
  • Metabolic conditioning (HIIT style training with weights).
  • Strength Training (mostly with Dumbbells/bands/cables).
  • Progressive Structure (each week gets a little bit harder as you progress).
  • Demo Videos for every exercise and instructions for every exercise/workout
  • 3 Cardio days, including interval training, that progresses each week
  • Ab/Core training
  • Access to a coach


Having a Plan Matters

Walking into the gym without a plan is a recipe for mediocre results.

With a solid plan, you'll progress each week and walk into the gym knowing exactly what you need to accomplish.

Couple that with an app that tracks all of your progress, and access to a coach, and you've got a recipe for serious results.

What Equipment Will You Need?

This workout program can be completed with basic gym equipment. Ideally, you'll have access to:

  • Dumbbells
  • Hip Band
  • Resistance Band(s)
  • Cable Pulley (recommended, not necessary)
  • Your Own Body

Where Will You Be in 8 Weeks?

Will you still be thinking about how you want to look and feel in 8 weeks? Or will you be DOING IT.

Is it easy? No... but it is doable. Hard work and consistency are required.

Each week will get progressively harder as you build up and improve, keeping your body guessing and improving.

Stop thinking about the physique you want and start doing something about it.

The blueprint is here.. but you've got to take the jump and do the work.

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